We are all descendants of migrants. We have expanded our presence over the entire planet from the origin of our Homo Sapiens species from 200,000 BCE until today. We have emigrated to seek new opportunities, and have been driven out or uprooted by deteriorating social and physical environments. As our societies have developed and the earth’s climate has changed, migration has in part enabled us to better our lives and those of our children.

Many migrations have been peaceful while others have been violent. Wars and political upheavals have caused many of the largest mass migrations throughout history. While larger migration patterns may shape some groups and communities, each individual has a unique life history of migration, be it local or to a distant continent.

This series of blogs investigates significant experiences of people. We present local stories that connect to their global context and personal accounts of cultural, political, religious and social interactions, involving peoples and places around the world.


Tinna Stengaard