Meet Soran - political activist and Copenhagen Tour Guide

My name is Soran Azad (23). I am a Kurd from Kurdistan in Iraq. I went to The American University of Iraq in Sulimani. For years I have been a political activitist in Iraqi Kurdistan in relation to human rights, freedom of expression, and social and political issues. My attempt to publish a book in Kurdish language under the theme of Self-Expression lead to the authorities threatening me. I also led several civil protests regarding the freedom of individuality in Iraqi Kurdistan. I have been deeply influenced by the philosophical approach of western thinking ragerding the freedom of individuality and expression. Therefore, my criticism of the cultural mentality of Middle Eastern societies have been quite controversial. For the same reason, I had to flee Iraqi Kurdistan, and I came to Denmark in November 2015 to seek asylum. I am currently living in the city of Copenhagen where i now volunteer as a tour guide in relation to Refugee Voices Tours and have been doing so since the Spring of 2016.

Due to my asylum case, I could not complete my studies when first arriving in Denmark. But now I have been granted a political asylum in Denmark and will continue with my studies. 

Tinna Stengaard